Websites that have not had proper SEO as well as new websites don’t have much, if any, website domain authority. The on-page optimization that is performed when targeting specific keywords is part of the SEO process. Google’s ranking algorithm views a website’s domain authority into account when determining rankings. A website’s authority depends on different factors like domain age, inbound relevant links and social mentions, validated citations and a host of other factors.

The higher the competition for popular keywords is another issue in ranking. It seems obvious that the more sites that are competing to rank for the popular keywords that result in more targeted buying traffic, is going to be more difficult to rank for since many other websites are fighting for those top spots. The sites in those top spots are employing effective SEO strategies to they remain ranked high and being profitable. There are websites that have been ranking for many years that rank for extremely profitable keywords like “cheap auto insurance” or “best weight loss”). It is highly unlikely that some new website is going to be able to come onto the online scene and secure one of the top spots just because they want it; it needs to be earned.

Seo Ranking

As the Internet landscape and site competition continues to grow, the high competition search terms get more and more difficult to rank over time. While it is true that it’s can be very difficult for new sites to rank well for high competition keywords, it can be easier to rank for less competitive search terms at first then rank higher for more competitive ones as the site gains authority. Google simply ranks websites that are already proven their value through its ranking methods.

A new website needs to be valuable and prove itself as such to Google before any serious ranking will occur. There are of course effective ways to do this and shortcut the process time somewhat without getting the website penalized.

It takes technical search engine optimization and marketing implementation to achieve a high rankings. You must convince Google that you deserve your desired rankings and you must also convince the consumers that the website contains valuable products and services.

Search engine marketing is NOT a strategy with a start and end date. It is an ongoing evergreen method that is a staple of an online business. It understands and engages your audience, nurtures the customer relationship and establishes a symbiotic reward system for the business and consumer. In understanding that concept, you will understand how Google has formulated their ranking system as well as how the websites that have earned those positions, remain in those positions by providing value while employing the right SEO strategy.

Rapid advancement to first-page rankings is possible but are typically short-lived and usually only apply to the lesser desired search terms. Evergreen SEO takes time and first page guarantees may result in ranking success that eventually drops due to Google penalties and the ongoing evolvement of the ranking process.